Thanks for stopping by and looking around. I love animals and it's such a pleasure to share my portraits of them with you.

I haven't done any new portraits, nor art of any kind for that matter, for several years because I was taking care of my aging and ailing parents. They have both passed away now (my father in 2002 and mother in 2013). I'm still recovering from grief, exhaustion, and dealing with the myriad legal 'loose ends'.

My studio has become a storage room for most of my parents belongings but I'm slowly clearing the space. I feel a small spark of desire to create, finally, but am thinking I won't do commissioned portraits again. I want to explore new media, styles and subject matter and just 'do my own thing' without worrying about what other people think of it. I probably will continue to portray animals in my works, and if anything turns out I'll post them on this web site. Maybe I'll post pictures of my process from start to finish.

Anyway, it'll most likely be several more months before I do anything on this website. I hope, if you've found me here, that you've enjoyed yourself.

Take your time, look around, enjoy -
and please sign my guest book!