Check Mark To order On-Line Store items:
  • What the Add to Cart button looks like Use the PayPal shopping cart. It's easy and secure. You don't need to have an account with PayPal in order to use this service, either. When you see an item you want, click on the Add to Cart button and follow the directions when you're ready to pay.
  • or ... Make a phone call to: (208-378-0373)
  • or ... Send an email to: BUY@MOONLIGHTCREATIONS.BIZ

Check Mark To order a custom hand-drawn portrait:


Due to family circumstances I no longer have time to do commissioned portraits; however, I'm still selling notecards and bookmarkers in the online store so feel free to browse and order something while you're here!

  • Decide who you want in the portrait.
  • Decide on which size portrait you want done (5x7, 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 16x20).
  • Gather your photos together
  • Send an email or call to discuss what you have in mind:
    ASK@MOONLIGHTCREATIONS.BIZ or phone (208-378-0373)
  • After we've talked, send your photos either via US PS or email (or if you live in the vicinity of Boise, Idaho I can meet you).
  • When I see the photos I'll have an idea how much work and time will be involved and will send a proposal (with size, cost and date to be completed) to you via US PS, email or we can meet again.
  • When you receive the proposal and if you agree with the terms you can sign the proposal and make a down-payment of one-half the total price. You can email your approval and pay securely via PayPal, or mail the signed proposal and payment via US PS.
  • Once I receive your approval and down payment I'll start the portrait. This is the fun part - I get to draw someone new, and you get to wait! It takes about 3 or 4 weeks to complete a small portrait (5x7, 8x10, 9x12) and anywhere from 2 to 5 months to complete a larger portrait (11x14, 16x20).
  • When the portrait is finished, a digital copy will be made for my files and then we can get together so that you can see the original. If you approve of it, we can complete the transaction. If you don't live in the near vicinity of Boise, Idaho, I will email a copy or send a photo of the finished piece to you, for your approval.
  • The original portrait is yours once you've paid the remainder of the balance due. If you live outside Boise we can discuss how you want it shipped to you. Shipping and handling will be paid by you.
  • You buy the original but Moonlight Creations, LLC, retains the copyright. No one other than Moonlight Creations, LLC, has the legal right to make copies of this portrait. Moonlight Creations, LLC, may use copies for advertising purposes or in merchandise which we sell.

Check Mark To bid on items in eBay:

Sometimes Moonlight Creations has something up for grabs on eBay. To find out if there is anything there now:
  • Make note of (or select and copy with your mouse) our eBay User ID:
  • When you click on the link below and the eBay "Search: Items by Seller" screen comes up:
    Type (or paste) our eBay User ID in the "Enter seller's User ID" field
    ... and press enter (or click on "Search") .
  • If we have anything on auction right now, you will see it listed under "Seller's Items".
  • Here's the link to get to eBay's "Search: Items by Seller" screen:
    Search eBay for Moonlight_Creations_LLC auctions
Privacy Statement:

Moonlight Creations, LLC, does not loan, sell or trade any information about you which we may acquire during the course of our transactions. We do send out an occasional newsletter which you can easily opt out of by letting us know in one of these ways:

phone: 208-378-0373
USPS mail: P.O. Box 190691; Boise, ID 83719-0691

Any information you impart to eBay,, or to PayPal will be covered under their respective privacy policies which you can easily find on their web sites.

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