I am an artist and craftswoman living and working in Idaho USA. I started drawing when I was a young girl, and at some point I began taking art classes. I studied at Boise State University where, in 1984, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Since then I've continued growing as an artist through study, experimentation and practice.

Much of my work stems from a deep awe of creation and usually features people, animals, plants, or other natural things. I've always been fascinated with capturing likenesses and am now fortunately able to combine that skill with my love for animals. I doubt I'll ever get tired of doing portraits - there's something fascinating about each and every person or animal I've had the privilege of drawing.

A lot of the little guys and girls you see in my work are the fur kids who live with me or who visit my neighborhood from time to time. I also keep my eyes open when walking or traveling and snap pictures to use in my work later. In addition to commissioned portraits I also draw or paint or craft whatever captures my imagination at the time.

"Moonlight" has many meanings for me, one being that I am Admiring the ceiling art in the Vatican City museuma night person and quite often work during the moonlight hours. That explains the first part of my business name - the second part, Creations, hopefully gives folks an idea of what sort of business it is. Moonlight Creations LLC was formed in April of 2002 with the intention of selling my arts and crafts, and to also offer tools such as books, supplies and ideas that may help others tap into their own creativity. I believe we are all creative in one way or another, and many of the ways designed to tap into that creativity work no matter whether you are a visual artist, writer, musician, cook, home maker, inventor, mechanic, carpenter - you get the idea.

I maintain this website primarily as a place for folks to view the sort of work I do. Since most of my work to-date has been commissioned portraits and those are located in private collections I don't usually have originals to display in a gallery. I try to add something new to this website at least once a quarter, so come back often - and while you're here please sign the guest book!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this web site, and I hope that you enjoy my work.

May many joy-filled moments bless your days!

T. Marchek

Moonlight Creations, LLC
P. O. Box 190691
Boise, ID 83719-0691

Phone: (208) 378-0373

Work in progress in the artist's studio
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